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Business Consulting
Business Consulting Options, Services and Menu for Business Advisor, Speaker and Author, Loren Weisman.

Business Consulting
Business Consulting Options Introduction:

Loren Weisman Business Consulting Options and Services
Providing strategic organization, optimization and stronger foundations through education, consultation and application for clients. Whether its branding, developing, planning, marketing or some other service, each client or clients are empowered, educated, organized and prepared to implement & apply these techniques for the best results

Specific and a la carte industry based Business Consulting options and services:

Brand creation & development, brand editing & adjusting, project management, project coordination, budgeting, business plans, optimization plans and templates, content creation plans, art direction and visual design, Fan and Customer Engagement plans, editorial calendars and content strategies, social media development, advertising campaign planning, contract reviews, mediation, solicitation plans, preproduction, product launch plans, instruction, consulting, speaking and coaching.
The Business Consulting Options: Menu

Whether you require a specified and personalized package or want to use one of the standard packages, Loren Weisman can custom tailor one hour, a plan or a package to the clients needs. These are some of the most popular services, that may be purchased by the hour or by the package depending on the clients needs.

Customized Service Packages
A choice or combination of specified services which can be created with a client ahead of beginning a project or plan.

Consulting For Businesses Inside & Out of Entertainment
Individual Hour or bulk sessions covering core topics of clients request. Every consult can be tailored to fit the requirements or specific requirements in the client. Most clients focus in areas of organization, branding, marketing, promotion, production and solicitation.

Strategic plans & Prospectus Creation, Reviews & Edits
Creating individualized plans which include the creation of an expanded plan that showcases detailed expenses, revenue projections, failure analysis, market analysis, periods and key business plan and prospectus elements from conception to sales.

Foundational Structuring & Organizing
Planning and solidifying the basic brand of an artist, product, concept or business from happy to images, logos to fonts, and colours to keywords to be able to develop the foundational business package which has a focus specifically on the content and branding creation. Branding with uniformity, continuity and consistency delivers conversions!

Online Branding Blueprints
Creating clear, uniform and consistent content, images and marketing to your product, business or persona to be able to execute a defined brand which can be copied and placed on every website, social networking page, review page and then for any other place online which will allow for easier optimization, organization and reach.

Explaining, Organizing and Applying
Focusing on the who, what, where, when, why and the way of social media sites, websites and the plans that will perform best for you. Explaining the extended and finest business practices and uses of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also other sites.

Investment, Sponsor & Solicitation Preparation
Numbers reviews and edits with funding and investment approach offers to find funding, investors or sponsors for projects. Concentrate on the viability and the revenue streams and return of a project or business.

Editorial Calendar Organization & Content Planning
Organizing, forming and optimizing a content plan for the best conversion and also the easiest daily application to grow your reach through many forms of media. Establishing place templates for themed happy to be applied over different types of media.

Pre-Pro to Post Pro Getting yourself ready Music, Video, Radio/Podcasts or TV
Not producing! Preproduction about to create the best budget, find the right team and layout the right contracts before heading in to the studio. Creating the blueprint to produce forward motion move forward that much faster.

Seminars, Lectures & Events. Consulting for bigger Groups
From High schools to schools, business rooms to conference centers and private events to keynotes, Loren Weisman is capable of displaying on any of the above topics in addition to his existing talk titles. Speaking Sheet with talk titles and further options is available upon request.

Loren Weisman
Business Advisor, Speaker & Author Loren Weisman organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing and content plans for launch and established businesses.
Loren is based in Vero Beach, Florida and is also available to clients over phone, Skype or perhaps in person.
For more on Loren’s consulting, coaching, assisting, advising and speaking options, visit:
Business Consulting Options, Services and Menu for Loren Weisman